Monday, October 1, 2012

What Love Feels Like

Some people equate love with a feeling of constant butterflies in their stomach, the temporary smile on their faces, or the warm sensation that seems to engulf their entire body and never seems to fade away! Now, as wonderful as these things may be,they are not an accurate description of what love really feels like!!!!! Have you ever been loved with the love that rocks you to the core of your being? the love that gets in your bones and metastasizes to every organ in your body....this love stands in the midst of every trial and storm and it doesnt waver due to the calamity that tries to rise against it!!!!! This is the kind of love that you cant keep to yourself no matter how hard you try and as good as it feels, this love is sometimes hard to come by! Please carefully pay attention to what I am saying.....and ask yourself this one question,"have I really come into contact with this love yet?" we all want to experience what love feels like before we close our eyes and transition to death! Be ready to open your heart and receive it because as the wind blows, it will surely find its way to the heart thats open to it! Love is not meant to be based off of feelings alone, for you see, our feelings are fickle and can change at the drop of a dime! I encourage you to examine your perception of it and then let it flow!!


  1. Have you ever experienced that love my lady? I haven't yet, but I know it is on its way...

    1. :-), I have and I look forward to experiencing that love again!!! And yes, it is on its way!